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Spring Hearts, 2014
Digital Painting
8 x 10

Spring came, and I was captured by the buds. This is the last of the Seasons of Hearts. I really enjoyed the bark livening up as the buds start to show against a blue sky. Thank goodness winter is over!

Bar Hearts, 2014
Digital Painting
10 x 16

I was sitting at the bar noticing these beautiful orchids, I had to capture their beauty against the contrast of the dark bar back. As I was painting, I could not help noticing the flowers making heart shapes. What better with a little Grand Marnier.

Tree Hunting, 2014
Digital Painting
24 x 16

I had no idea when we got on the tractor to search for a tree that we would see such a sight. I enjoyed recreating this marvellous scene to remember a beautiful day!

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